Friday, January 21, 2011

Down to 12

After the sale Monday at the stockyard we are down to 12 cows.  We started out with 40 head in the beginning which makes it look like we have no cows.  There are 10 yearlings that have been kept as replacements from some of our good momma cows. 
We have been feeding the replacements to try to keep up their body condition through the winter.  This is the first time we have ever kept any of our calves.  It is much easier to buy one that is already bred that will give you a calf soon.  With the yearlings you have to let them mature and then breed.  It takes 2 years before you can get a calf,  that is if everything goes right.

 2 adorable on-lookers
I hope we can manage to build our herd back up this year.  The weather the past 2 years has really made it a challenge around here.  I am crossing my fingers for a great spring and summer season. 

This is a feed that Shane found that is made of peanut by-products.  It was guaranteed to have 9-12% protein.  The yearlings didn't want to touch it at first, but have started eating it up.  It smells just like peanuts....and take it from tastes just like a raw peanut.  Yep.......we tried it out.  Couldn't resist it.  It just smelled so good and  peanut-y.  I know, I can't believe we did it either. 
Hope we get many good years from her

And her too!

The days are counting down until our goats start off our 2011 kidding season.  I am so excited!  Shane is hoping for all of our goats to kid in five days.  I, on the other hand, wouldn't mind if they space it out a little.  Fifty-two does kidding in five days sounds a little crazy to me.  But hey, that's just me.....

I feel so sorry for this poor thing.  She just waddles all over the place.  I feel for sure she is going to have triplets, at least. 

My favorite doe

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  1. You definetly feed your animals well. They look healthy and happy. Are you liking that new feed? We are 20 below here in WI for temp. Glad my does aren't do until late March. Good luck with yours!


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