Monday, March 24, 2014

Another Workday

This past Saturday we had another workday.  We are getting close to babies of all sorts being born around the farm, so we want to make sure everyone is healthy and moved to new pasture.  First the first timer heifers were moved.  We started keeping our heifer calves as replacements several years back. They are bred and have their first calf here on the farm at the age of 2 yr olds. If they breed on time, deliver a calf, and show good mother-ability traits, they will be added to the main herd. Being that they will have their first calf ever, they get separated from our main herd when it's close to time for them to have their calf. They are moved to the pasture close to our house, so we can keep a check on them. Hopefully they will not have any difficulties, but you can never be too sure. 

enjoying the clover and rye grass in this pasture

This young bull is also out here with the young ladies because he will be getting branded soon, along with the heifers.  We purchased him from a friend of ours from Louisiana.  Dillon is quite fond of him because he can pet on him.  He asked me to take his picture while he pet the bull.  I think he also would like it if I share it on the blog, so here it is :)  

Dillon petting "Little Nic"

We also moved the does and did FAMACHA eye scoring on them today.  They are due to start kidding in the next couple of weeks.  They were also moved into the same pasture closest to our house.  We are excited to see all of the new kids make their arrivals.  Spring is such a fun time here on the farm!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Better Late Than Never.....

I finally sat down in front of the computer to try to update our blog with another post only to find these photos from a month ago of a work day. Shame on me! All I'd done was upload them and save them. I didn't publish it to share. I have to say my time has been consumed by many other important things. I pour so much into my day that I'm just drained and my brain can't come up with words to share here on the blog. I apologize for that. However, I will share the photos that I intended to share last month. Sorry they're late. 

My handsome man gathering the goats

I absolutely love this photo! You can see one of the border collies coming around the side. 

Not only on this day did we gather up the does, but we also had some calves that needed to be worked.  Shane had purchased some portable panels at Tractor Supply about a year ago.  I have to say, they have come in quite handy. As you can see, they were put to good use on this day.  Our place still isn't set up quite the way we like it when it comes to working the animals.  These panels made it work out well.  Then we were able to pick them up and put them away until the next time we need them.  ( They make a great round pen when we need to work a horse too! )


I certainly hope that I don't wait so long to get another post put up. 

I'm hoping that everyone is getting some warmer, sunnier days to enjoy after this loooooooong winter that we all just endured.  Happy Spring!!!