Monday, September 27, 2010

Breeding time is here!

We had a few cows that didn't move to the new pasture with the rest of the herd.  They had new calves and didn't seem to care about staying with the group.  Saturday, Mr. Broome and his pastor brought their border collies and together managed to move those cows across the road with the rest of the herd.  Now of course, it wasn't as easy as it sounded.  It took a few tries......I'm not sure if you can tell by the pictures butit was very foggy that morning.

Moving calf back down the road

Mr. Broome with his border collie

We worked all of our does Saturday and separated them into their "breeding groups".  We have Gold Digger in with the purebred and commercial does; Rooster is in with the 100% New Zealand does.  Kimba decided to jump in the driver's seat of the mule while we were sorting the goats in the catch pen (a good picture opportunity.) 


Rooster is finally with the does
Gold Digger checking out the ladies

I'm hoping to be posting some new information about some other goat breeding that might be going on here at our farm........Until then............................

Friday, September 24, 2010

Update on pups

I have finally been able to get a few more photos of the pups to share.  It has been a job to try to get a halfway decent shot of them.  They move around a lot!  I've got random shots below of them in the pasture.  We wanted to let everyone know, these pups have been around cows, horses, and of course, goats.  They are trained to a self feeder.  We put a 50 lb bag of food in it, and with the two adult dogs and 5 pups, it only lasted 5 days.  They are eating real well.

Hanging out with dad

Checking out the cows
At first we intended to have no contact with the pups, but when it came time to give them their shots, I couldn't catch them.  They wanted nothing to do with me, because we had had no interaction with them.  We now try to go out a couple of times a week and at least try to put our hands on them.  The kids really are loving that!

Shane bought a LGD locally a couple of years ago.  He ended up being a fantastic guardian for the goats, but not one of us could get our hands on him.  He would run way off from us and bark.  We had the hardest time catching him to take his collar off that he was outgrowing.  It was digging into his neck.  Our vet had given us "ace" to give him in his food, and that didn't even work!  Him not wanting us to touch him ended up being the death of him.....we couldn't catch him after he had been bitten by a rattlesnake numerous times; until it was too late.  I feel like the LGDs need to have some human interaction so they will not be like he was. 

Cooling off


Learning from mom
We had a man come by yesterday to look at one of our adult LGD's that is for sale.  He really wasn't ready for a dog yet, but he went ahead and paid a deposit on one of the males to give him time to get his animals set up.  So as of now, we only have 2 females and 1 male out of this litter of pups left for sale.  If you are interested just give us a call or email.  We also may be able to deliver.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Swimming Sally and Shaggy

Sally and Shaggy decided to take a dip in the pond today to keep cool in this 90 degree fall weather!  I noticed she was soaking wet the other day, but couldn't figure out how she got that wet.  Now I know how, she rolled around in the pond even getting her head wet.  The other horses decided to stand back and watch them from a distance.....I guess they thought those two were being childish.  It looked fun to me.  I'm glad I was able to see it.  Sorry for the picture quality.  I was pretty far from them, but this is as close as my camera would zoom. 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday's work

So this is what we've been up to today. We had some land cleared in our back 40 last year. It was around 12 acres in the bottom of our pasture. Well it has grown up this summer and Shane has wanted to see some goats out in the back 40 for a while. This week he has worked on getting the perimeter trimmed back to run hotwire around it. This is a panoramic shot of what it looks like from on top of the hill.

You can see how thick the weeds and brush are behind Shane. He took his machete after we ran the wire and knocked down the weeds that were in the way. We are using a portable solar fence charger, and weeds will pull down the charge pretty quick.

We loaded our bucklings and some of our yearling bucks into our cattle trailer after we checked FAMACHA scores on them. Shane hooked the trailer to the tractor and off we went. We had to drive through our 15 acre pasture that our main doe herd is in. I wanted to get some pictures of them when the fellas passed by....I wondered what they would do when they smelled the older guys cologne. (We have had some come in heat and they have had many attempts made at getting in with our bucks. We are trying to wait a couple more weeks so we will have a later kidding.)

Here they are before they realize what is in the trailer coming through.

And this is after they realized what was in that trailer. I drove ahead of Shane to open the gate and I looked back to see the girls making a mad dash to get to that trailer. I just did get the gate shut. Those are some persistent ladies!

They stood at the gate and waited for us to come back through, I guess to see if we might throw a fella out for them!

This is the bucklings getting unloaded in their new home. We have 2 guardians with them. We are going to let them stay here and see how they do with all of this brush. This field is surrounded by the National Forrest and we have seen fox, coyotes, turkey, deer, and even some wild hogs out there. The LGD's will have to really sleep with one eye open back there.

Heading out to enjoy some good eatin'. There's plenty of it, that's for sure!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Oklahoma Buck Test

We have 4 of our bucks consigned to the OK buck test at the Kerr Center. I wanted to mention that we had to have one of ours pulled from the test due to tapeworms. That kind of puzzled me why they would remove our goat because of tapeworms, but they use Valbazen as a dewormer for tapworms, so technically he can't qualify because of it. Mary Penick from the buck test called Shane and told them that they had a buck die at the test. When they did the necropsy, it show he was loaded down with tapeworms. That was what they considered his cause of death. I've always been told that tapeworms were not really anything major to worry about, but I find it kind of interesting that it was the cause of death for one of the bucks. It just may be something to worry about. If you are interested in following along with the OK buck test and their results, they have a blog here:

DSK News Page

As of now, I am not planning to do anymore "news pages" on our website I am able to keep things updated here on the blog more often than once a month. It seems to be easier to put it out there as things happen. We will see how this goes...If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know, I'm open for any suggestions.

Since Shane has started his day job, he has time in the afternoon just to enjoy the farm. Everyday we let our our bucklings around the barn and sit and watch them do some "weed eating." Now isn't this the life or what!?

It's getting time to round up all of the cows that we purchased earlier in the year to sell at the yard. The "crazy cow" is still just as crazy. This is as close as I was going to get for her picture. Mr. Shows asked Shane how she was doing....she's had a calf and has filled out a good bit. Just wish us luck when it comes time to load her up. I am not looking forward to what tricks she will pull.

We have decided to sell 2 of our LGD's. We have 6 as of right now, 2 in each pasture with their own herd. We will be combining 2 herds later on and figured it was time to let two of them go.

This is Xena. She is a daughter out of Kimba and Jael that is 8 months old. We are asking $400 for her and she will be sold registered through the AKC.

This is AZ. He is 13 months old and we are asking $250 and he will be unregistered.