Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dog Wars!

We've got a new LGD, Sinbad, started on the farm. Sinbad was put into a small pen with a few goats to get him bonded with them before put into a larger pasture. Obviously one of our other LGD's didn't like the idea of him being in a pen with "their" goats. Sinbad must have gotten too close to the fence (it joins our main pasture) and somebody got a hold of him through it. There was hair and blood on the fence, so we know where it happened, but not sure which one of the 3 LGD's did it. Shane believes all of them got in on it. He called the vet and he gave us a spray to spray his wound with as well as antibiotics. It is really looking a lot better. I am posting this picture from a distance, because an up close photo may be too "grotesque" for some. He had 3 different wounds, but the one on his side was at least 5"X4"; you could see the muscle. It was awful. I am really amazed how well it is closing up without having stitches. I will put another photo up when I get one of how well it is healing.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Herd Reduction

Shane has taken 2 loads of cows to the stockyard this week. Monday he took 5 cows and 5 calves and Wednesday he took 12 cows and our bull Mojo. It was sad to see them go, but we do not have enough hay to carry them through until it starts to green up around here. Shane had already purchased 40 rolls of hay on top of what he had stored. It has been unusually cold and wet this winter; and those cows and goats have went through the hay. As I mentioned before, our rye grass hasn't produced anything due to the snow and hard freezes. We'll have to see what we'll do when warm weather comes. We are looking at cleaning the fences of the back 40 acres,and running a strand of hot wire around it to start a commercial herd. Who knows what our future will hold for us....To be continued......

Thursday, February 11, 2010

This is an updated photo of Jael's pup. We still haven't come up with a name for her. We wanted to go with a name that is biblical, due to Jael's name. Jael was a Kenite woman who killed the Canaanite general, Sisera, with a tent stake. If anyone has any ideas on names for the new pup, please share them with us....

With all of the abnormal freezing and snow, our rye grass has been unproductive, to say the least. This patch hasn't been grazed yet, and this is as high as it has gotten. With the prediction of snow tommorrow, it will probably not do anything else. Shane has already bought hay once this winter, on top of what we had stored in the barn. We are so ready for Spring!

This is what it looks like around here....MUDDY! Our kids are enjoying the mud, when we have to go to the back forty to check on the cows, they get excited. "We get to go mud bogging!" is what I hear from them. I guess I should make the best of the situation and enjoy mud bogging.....

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Again!!????

I just watched the weather this morning to see if they were still predicting snow as they were last night. The forecast is for snow late Thursday night or early Friday. It was predicted for Hattiesburg (about 30 miles from here) to possibly receive up to 5 inches. This has been a CRAZY winter for us here in the Deep South. We are usually wearing shorts most of the winter; not this year though. And of course we decided to try to kid in the winter this year, because we usually don't have snow to worry with. We've had snow once, sleet once, and now possibly snow again since our goats have kidded. Aarrgghh!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A new man!!!!

This buck was leased out to a local commercial producer. When the man brought him home, he said that he was the most aggressive breeder he had ever seen. That was his first time to be with the ladies, and he came home with a strut in his step! He walks around now like he is a new man!! He is one of the bucks that was in the Oklahoma Buck Test. He is doing really well.... Even more so now than ever!