Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Goat Playground

There is a bridge being torn down close to our home, and we have been the "lucky" ones to get the debris from it. Shane was approached after church one Sunday about it a few months ago; and here we are with it in our pasture. Shane directed the men to put in on top of an old road bed that used to go down beside the chicken house that used to be in that area. The ground there is super hard and doesn't grow grass well. I guess our goats are going to be the envy of goats around this area due to them having their own goat playground.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments. Yes, it is amazing how much you can save with a little savvy. I love being a SAHM....most of the time-lol.

    I am very thankful I attended the coupon class a couple years back that started the journey.

    You have a great blog....looks like you have a lot in common with my SIL. She has a farm in NC.

    Please stay in-touch.



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