Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Homemade Mineral Feeder

Well I've tried to put together a quick post on how Shane (my husband) made our mineral feeders that we use.  He actually had the instructions saved from an email back in September, so I copied and pasted it and tried to construct some sort of post out of it along with some pictures that I had taken last year. Hope this helps those who have inquired on how they are made.  These will hold 80-100 lbs of loose minerals in each one.  We also use them with our cattle, goats, and horses.  

Take a plastic 55 gallon drum with bungs (I call them plugs) tightened so you can make two feeders.Measure 10" from each end of drum and cut the drum in two separate pieces.  Drill a 7/8" hole in center of each drum. Take a 2" schedule 10 stainless steel pipe and cut two pieces 10" long.

Use four 1" heavy washers and weld a 7/8" nut on them so that a 7/8" bolt can be used.  Take the washers with nut welded on them and place the nut side down inside the pipe, and weld the washer to the pipe on each end. 

This will allow you to attach the pipe to the inside of the two drums that you drilled a whole in.  Use a 7/8" X 2" long bolt with heavy washer to attach pipe to the drum, and do the same step on the other end of pipe with a rubber mat on top of drum.

The rubber mat is 1/2" thick and 3' X 3' square with a 7/8" hole drilled in center.  You can find this mat at saw or pulp mills.

2 completed mineral feeders

Shane had mentioned that not everyone can weld or don't have that option, so he mentioned another idea.  Instead of using the pipe with the welding, he was going to try a treated 4X4 post with the same measurements of 10" long.  You can go to Home Depot or Lowe's and buy 3/4" X 3" long lag galvanized bolts with heavy washers and lock washers and do the same as with the bolts with the other feeder.

He also told me I should mention that it has an empty signal too.  If we are out in the pastures and notice one of them in this position, that means they need to be refilled. 

Refill please


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this information. These pictures and instructions make it easier to understand. Impressed with the design.

    1. You are so very welcome! Glad it helped. I will pass the word on to Shane about the design. I take no credit on that one :) He's always able to take a few things and "re-purpose" them.

  2. Any other suggestions on mats? No saw or pipe mills around me

  3. Tractor Supply has rubber mats that go under a grill and they are heavy enough to be used.

  4. I think this is a great idea and I will certainly try and make some thanks for the information


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