Saturday, June 24, 2017

This Child of Mine

These days I can't ever seem to get a photo of this child of mine.  She will not give me a smile for a picture no matter how hard I try.  She hates seeing a camera pointed in her direction, so she always makes this "mad" face when she sees me trying to get a picture. 

Are you trying to take my pic??

However, on this particular day, I brought my new camera along to try it out.  I literally have no clue how to use it, but I thought I'd snap a few shots while riding along with Shane as he put out dog food in the feeders.  

This child proceeded to get off of the Mule and play in the stream where Shane parked, in order to move the cows to new pasture.  Of course, her mama tells her how gross it is to be walking in all of "that" barefooted and she just grinned and walked closer.  I cautioned her to be watchful of snakes, and I did notice her pause with a little hesitation.  Even still, she continued to get her feet muddy and play around in the stream.  She really knows how to get me to squawking, (which I believe she enjoys quite a bit ) so she squatted down to get a handful of water from the stream and pretended to drink it.  She did manage to take a swig  as I'm taking photos and I start squealing at how how there is no telling what's in that water.  Then she spits the water out and says, "Mom, I didn't drink any of it.  I just put it in my mouth". All the while, I'm still telling her how animals have walked and more than likely pooped in that.....and then....... there it was....

What are you doing?!!?!!

I captured that grin of hers!! I had to act fast....She sure loves to gross her mama out.  I think she has no greater joy in life  🤢

Love this child and her smile!