Saturday, March 12, 2016

Our 400th Kid

Last week our 400th kid was born! Of course, that isn't the 400th of this year, but 400th since we started tagging every kid born with a scrapie tag. I'm guessing we started solely using scrapie tags back in 2009.


This is the best picture of the doe that Shane could get.  She's what I call a runner!  I really don't like these does when we have to get our hands on them.  Shane loves them.  He said they're survivors....more natural, which is true.  However, when we do FAMACHA checks you can only imagine how fun it can be rounding up those flighty runners.  They actually take off across the field looking like a Tennessee Walker high stepping!

Below are Dillon and Mallory with the 400th kid.  They were kind enough to let their daddy take their picture with the little buckling.  They're getting to the age now where they really don't want their photos taken at all! 

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