Saturday, November 7, 2009

Last month's happenings...

I wanted to update our news page with other happenings from last month. We got our bucks back from the Buck Test in Oklahoma. They look rough!!! We're planning on keeping them until they are a year old to see how they do. We've learned a few things from this years test and can't wait to put those new lessons learned to work for next years test.

Shane has been extremely busy renovating the pasture getting it ready to plant rye grass for the winter. He is also planting 40 more acres this year with ball clover. We really had a lot of success with it last year. Who knows, maybe we will not require as much hay for our cattle and goats this year. We are planning to graze year round with minimal haying.


Click on pedigree for larger view
Year to date FAMACHA score average: ( 1.5 )

We are also proud that Deep South Kikos made the  quarterly AKGA newsletter.  If you are interested in checking it out, click on this link  October 2009 AKGA Newsletter

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