Monday, April 19, 2010

Goats on the move

We had to move our does to another pasture to help keep the clover under control. Last year, it grew so tall and thick that it killed off our summer grass. It is a blessing to have so much forage available for the animals, we just have to do a lot of moving them around. We need more cows and goats to keep up with this growth rate. Shane has purchased a few young heifers as well as some older cows to replace the ones that were sold earlier in the year. I believe he is in the middle of possibly purchasing a few more to bring in.

When moving the does to the new pasture, they went through those gates and realized they were free. They went wild and crazy eating things (briars mainly) like never before. Then they spotted the rose bush and ran to it. Shane's grandparent's old house is in the middle of our farm, and it happened to be a rose bush his grandmother had planted. It was a sight to see all 30 something goats trying to eat one bush. Shane did get them contained with the help of our border collie Davie and 4year old daughter. Here they are making the mad dash...

We have had 4 does kid that we purchased at the Cream of the Crop sale this past fall. They were all bred to CPK Rooster Cogburn. I really like Rooster's kids thus far. Shane and I are already talking about who gets bred to Rooster this fall and who gets bred to Pistol Pete.

Here is a photo of the last doe to kid some of Rooster's kids. She is the wildest goat ever. She has that crazy feral goat thing going on; and she happens to hold her own with our LGD puppies and border collies.

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