Tuesday, June 29, 2010

THE Como Steakhouse

We went to probably the BEST steakhouse in Mississippi on Saturday night after the AKGA showcase sale. Ms. Belinda Hankins highly recommended this place, and now I know why. The steak was FANTASTIC!!!!

It was located in a historic town of Como, Mississippi. It only took us about 15 minutes from the Batesville Civic Center, and I am glad we went there. The people that worked there were so kind and it felt like we were home.

They cooked their steaks over charcoal right there in the open in the restaraunt. This photo was taken right behind our table. We were able to watch the "grill mastery" going on. It was a brick pit with charcoal and just some simple grating on top. Those guys never stopped throwing the steaks on there. It was a full house when we went, but the owner said that on this particular night that it was a little slower than usual.

We explained to our waitress where we were from and that we had come to Batesville for the goat convention. She said that around Labor Day they have a goat cooking there at this restaraunt. It was part of a big Blue's/Jazz event. We thought it might be a good idea to have the convention in this location nearer to this event so folks could try out the goat meat. If they grill or smoke goat anywhere near the way they did the beef, it would be a hit!

My husband Shane and I.....

Jesse and Jane Beech of Gulf South Kikos, Long Beach Mississippi.

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