Monday, November 22, 2010

Please accept my apologies....

I have been slacking on posting on the blog lately, so please accept my apologies.  Things have kind of slowed down around here, and quite honestly.....I'm enjoying it!

Here's what we did this weekend.  In preparation for this winter, Shane has come up with a portable hut to put in the pasture for our does.  We learned a hard lesson last winter, when it was freezing with rain mixed with sleet.  We have our does in a different pasture that has absolutely nothing to get under, beside, around, etc. to get away from freezing rain. 

It started out with these metal rings that were like a spool for some kind of cable.    There are two of these rings with a rod in the center for the cable to roll around like a spool of thread. 

Then they were cut in half to make semi-circles to become the frame. 

Below is some tin that we have had put to the side waiting to get some good use out of it.  Let me tell you a little story behind this tin.....When Hurricane Katrina came in down here in 2005, she blew this tin off of Shane's mothers roof.  We kept the pieces that could be reused for something else.....and what do you know???  We have found something good from the devastation that the Hurricane caused us.  We were able to use the tin.....5 years later.

This is what it looks like underneath it.  There are 3 sheets of tin screwed across the semicircles.  They are ran lengthwise with 3 semicircles underneath which is overall 20 feet in length. 

In order to transport it to the field, we had to use our utility trailer and move it very carefully.  As you can see, it was too big to put in the trailer, so we had to balance it on top and use clamps to hold it in place. 


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