Sunday, February 27, 2011

Made in the shade

We had a commercial doe that had twins Friday night or early Saturday morning.  When I went out to weigh and tag them, I couldn't get over how vigorous they were.  Those 2 kids gave me a run for my money.  I could hardly keep them in the bucket to get their weights.  They were quite lively!  Here is a picture of them before I stirred them up..

The doe that had kidded with twins Friday afternoon also had both of her kids up and about.  They had already headed out with her and made rounds throughout the 12 acre pasture.  At only about 16 hours old, that's pretty impressive.  The dam is an excellent mother and I can only hope she will give us daughters just like her.  After making a round or two, I noticed they were piled up by a dead tree that had fallen during the winter.  I guess they needed a little shade, since the temps are warming up in the upper 70's.  I am so thankful we are having this wonderful weather.  Here they are resting in the shade.
He had actually worked his way underneath the tree into that cool dirt. 


  1. Hey Ashley...

    Those are beautiful kids.....

    Your shot of the little ones under and around the tree are great! Hallmark moments!

    I put a listing on Craigs List for selling some of my chickens.....and so far, I've sold 24 birds! Yee haw!!!! Only 20 more to go!
    Then I won't have so many to have to deal with!

    I'm so glad for you that the weather is nice!! I know that it makes it easier for the kids and does. Wonder when the rest will make their apperances?!??

    take care!

  2. hey one more thing....

    who is the daddy to the ones that have been born so far? Pistol Pete or Rooster?


  3. So far we've got 4 kids by Rooster and 5 kids by Gold Digger. We bred a few does to Pistol Pete for a later kidding. I'm expecting a couple for sure to kid tomorrow. We'll see...It's very exciting


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