Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Will he be staying?

We have this horse, named Shaggy, that Shane has just put up for sale. He is a little "spirited" I guess you would call it. Shane has been riding him for a few months now, and he has a really great gait, ( he's a cross between a Quarter Horse and Tennessee Walking Horse) but he always seems so jumpy to me. I told Shane that I would rather him go somewhere else, so someone with experience could train him and ride him.
The funny thing is, he is an absolute gentle and meek horse when he's in the pasture. He will come up to me for a rub on the neck. Then he will proceed to follow me around like a little puppy. As long as I will pet him, he just stands right there with me.  Dillon also loves him for that reason. He says that Shaggy is the best horse ever and that he wants to keep him.


After he was listed for sale, Shane decided to ride him one last time. He came back and said that he rode perfectly. It was almost like he knew that he was going to have to leave us. Then Mallory wanted to ride him, and I was super nervous. He walked around our yard so calmly with her on his back. Then Dillon tried him out, and he did just as well with him.

Sunday we decided to go for a trail ride and Dillon rode Shaggy all by himself. Just as soon as we left with the horses, Shaggy fell in line behind me with his head down, and walking so calmly. I was amazed that this was the same horse that always seemed so jittery. It's almost like he knows when the kids are on him to be extra careful. I just wonder if it's too good to be true. Will he stay or will he go? I guess only time will tell. This will be the second time he has been up for sale. The first time Shane changed his mind, after being for sale only one day. So far, it's been a week and we've only had one call. It may be meant for us to keep him.....Any of you horse experts out there ever heard of a horse behaving differently with children?

While I was out in the field trying to get photos of Shaggy, Mr. Sonny, wouldn't leave me be.  I tried to get far enough away from him to get a picture, but he wanted to be right beside me.  This was the best I could get of him.  He is so shiny and beautiful!


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