Monday, July 11, 2011

Things to do list

Finally our internet issues have been resolved and we are back up and running thanks to some great help from Debbie at Wildblue!  It's so nice to be able to call customer service and someone actually be able to help you.  Making a post on the blog is on my things to do list for today, so I'm working on checking it off. 

We've been pretty busy around here lately, so I'll share some of the things we've been getting into. 

Last weekend, Shane and I took one of our lease buck to a farm in Laurel, MS.  This buck is out of Rooster and just turned 1 year old.  He has already been leased to a farm in Lucedale, MS so we should be able to see some of his kids in a few months. 
Mr. Clark, in Laurel had all of his does caught up in a pen when we arrived, so all of the ladies had a chance to meet the buck pretty quick when he was put in the pen.  It is so funny to watch how the does react to a buck.  They come up and rub themselves up against him and all over his neck.  Of course, he seemed to enjoy all of the attention.

He made his rounds checking everyone out.  Mr. Clark's doe herd consisted of Boer crosses, Spanish, and Nubian.  He said that he had herd about Kikos and wanted to see what the Kiko will do for his herd. 

I had to share this....when we first arrived Mr. Clark told us to beware of his little Dachshund.  He said if he didn't like you, he would let you know and would never forget it either.  He then said that this little dog had the heart of a big ole "goat dog".  When we unloaded the buck, this little dog stood at the gate and took his job very seriously at keeping the goats in the pen.  He stood guard waiting for one to get out of line only to chase them right back to their spot.  Those does respected that sweet little thing, only they didn't view him as a sweet little dog.  They feared him and I think I saw his chest puff up with pride when he was on guard.  It was too funny.  Doesn't he look like the biggest baddest goat herder ever?

We've also sold most of our Anatolian Shepherd pups.  We now only have 2 females left.  They have been moved with our main doe herd and are at work by themselves now.  They are doing super...I mean they haven't been one bit concerned about being with Jael (their dam) in the other pasture one bit. 

We started bible school at our church last night that will go on through this week.  I am teaching the 8-10 year old kids and it is such a blessing!  The kids are super excited about all of the things we have planned this week.  Hopefully I'll be able to share more photos of VBS later in the week.  The photo below is one corner in my classroom.   The theme this year is "Son Surf Beach Bash".  I'm looking forward to a great week!
Hope you have a great week too!  Now I gotta get back to that "things to do list " :)

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  1. WOW! You have been busy. Our yesterday must have felt like most of your summer days with heat indices in the 100+ range. I would be a huge puddle if I had to deal with those temps for too long. It actually looks like I might have to for a while if the weatherman is on for the end of the week into next!

    Have fun with VBS! We did Pandamania. I was song and dance lady. Woo! ;-)


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