Monday, March 12, 2012

The Kidding Continues

Just a quick post for you all this morning. We are still in the middle of kidding here with 49 kids on the ground since yesterday afternoon. We've been well pleased with a lot of our first timers kidding this year producing twins, of course some did have singles.

First timer with twin bucklings
We also have had an additional set of triplets added to our kid crop.  This doe is keeping up with all three of them.  I've said before that we generally do not like triplets, but the does with triplets are doing a great job this year.


A lot of the kids are bouncing and running around in groups, and it is so fun to watch.  I hope to get some photos of them doing their acrobatics.  This little guy below was curious as to what I was doing with my camera.  He just stood there and stared for the longest.  I guess he thought if he was still enough, I wouldn't notice him.  :)

This little doeling is our most uniquely marked kid yet.  She is black white and gray.  It looks like someone dipped their fingertip in white paint and made a circle on each side.  It's pretty neat.

This  doeling heard me open the goat and she dove down into the clover as flat as she could get.  It was funny to see her "hide" from me.  I mean, she kinda stood out in all of that green clover.  She lay there for the longest time, not moving and keeping her head low.  

hiding out

I put this photo on our facebook page last week, but I thought I would share it her on the blog too.  It just brings a smile to my face to see this sweet little face.  This little buckling is a twin out of an awesome first timer.  She has done an excellent job of showing us her strong mothering instincts to her twins.  It's so amazing to see.

May God bless you this week!

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