Friday, December 7, 2012

Identifying Our Goats

***Warning***Please excuse any typographical and grammatical errors that may have been made in the writing of this blog post.  I do sincerely apologize.  It's been a long day, so my eyes have started to cross after looking at this screen for so long :) 

Hi. My name is Ashley. I am a procrastinator at times. Please forgive me. :) I have to say that I was piled on the couch for a loooong week at Thanksgiving. I don't know what type of germs invaded my body, but I can say that they kicked my butt! Then the week following, I  procrastinated again; not getting a post published on this  blog. This past weekend we went to Jackson, MS for the Mississippi Farm Bureau annual meeting. So finally, after procrastinating some more, I have finally made myself sit down in front of the computer. 

 Last Friday I happened to go out in the pasture, with my camera around my neck, to worm our Anatolians. While I was out there I decided to take some photos. Then it hit me, I don't think I've introduced you to some of them. They each have a name or number, or a name and a number. Or just a name. 

Take this goat for example.  Shane call's her Humpback.  Not such an attractive name, but when he mentions "humpback" I know exactly which goat he is referring to.  We purchased her at the 2nd Cream of the Crop Sale in Indiana.  I really wanted to have her join our herd.  Shane, not so much.  Her rump had a slight slope to it.  He didn't want her because of the slope.  I wanted her because she had a nice frame and was stout. I could overlook the slope, so we got her.  Shane referred  to the slope as a hump.  It's really not a hump, but that translated into the name Humpback, for Shane.  I call her Oreo Blast daughter.  That name has stuck too.  Shane knows which one I'm talking about when I mention that one.  I couldn't tell you her tag number though, only if I sneak up close enough to read her tag.  

Humpback / Oreo Blast daughter

This yearling doe's name is fitting for sure.  We call her Freak or Superfreak.  She is Humpback/Oreo Blast daughter's daughter. :)  That was  a mouthful.  Her name came from the fact that, out of the whole kid crop she was born in, she had the heaviest weaning weight.  She even outscored the bucklings.  So we call her freak, because she was/is outside of the norm for a doe. 


And below we have a few like: Raiz N Kane's daugher, Sweetie Pie, Wild Thing, T-26, and 46-2.  The last two have managed to keep their tag number as their name.  

This is V7.  We call her by her tag number too.  It is becoming a problem though when it comes to her daughters.

I refer to this one below as V7's daughter. You are probably thinking there is nothing wrong with that, but there really is. 
V7's daughter

You see, this one below, is also V7's daughter from another year.  So if I look out there and refer to either goat as V7's daughter, I have to try to get closer to see their tag number to pinpoint specifically which one.  Of course that's only if I have to make a note of something with them.  They look so much alike.  They totally favor their dam.  Her genetics pass through to her kids remarkably.

V7's daughter
If you have goats, how do you identify them?  Do you give them names, or only refer to them as their tag number?  I'd sure like to know.  Are we the only ones to give their animals off the wall names?


  1. Hey! When were you in Indiana Missy? Did you see how LONG my blog post was yesterday? It's like I had to put most of November and this part of December into one long rant. I was afraid I would never finish if I broke it up. Trying to tell some of our cows apart is hard to do, especially when the majority of them are mostly black. You have to look hard at their markings. The ones you CAN tell from the others usually have an interesting story tagged to them. Glad you are feeling better. I was smacked with a 24 flu bug Sunday while we were enjoying an extra day in Indy after our state IFB convention.

    Hang in there!

  2. I sold most of my kilos, loved them but people eating my goats was too much. Switched to dairy. We'll see how they go. I have a Spanish buck that is doing his thing.
    Lov your names, people ask how I remember names, I think it is easy. I had 50 at my highest and most were named

    1. Good luck with your dairy goats. Do you plan on milking them? Thanks for stopping by!



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