Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thankful For This Mishap

Yesterday morning as I was getting out of my car, I heard a hissing sound.....I knew right away it wasn't good. I follow the sound and walk around to the back of my car to find my tire going FLAT. I took this picture before it had finished that hissing at me.....My first thought was Oh great (sarcastically of course).  Then I quickly got to thinking about what if it had blew out while I took the kids to school.....Then I began to thank God for allowing me to make it to and from the school safely.

Then I began to think of how thankful I was that my husband had shown me how to change a flat tire.  So I proceed to take off the flat and put on the spare.  As I was letting down the car I noticed the spare starting to buckle under the was flat too.  I quickly raised the car back up. What in the world was I going to do? 

Get acquainted with this bad boy, of course!  I found a tire pressure gauge hanging in the barn (thanks to my husband's instructions ;)  and measure the spare tire.  It didn't even register!  I quickly aired it up, thanks to the air compressor.

It worked!  No leaks and I was ready to roll.  I'm talking, rolling in style with that spare.  NOT!  I'm telling you that is the most awkward looking tire! All I could think was if the tire didn't work I was going to have to figure out another mode of transportation to pick up the kids from school.  So thankful that it worked because if not, my only other option besides horseback would have been ........

"Sammy" the farm truck.  Notice the longhorns strapped to the top?  Do you think the kiddos would have minded me arriving to the school in front of all their friends announcing I was there to pick them up?  

So yesterday's mishap caused me to be thankful of many things......
  • Thankful that we had a safe trip that morning before the tire went flat
  • Thankful that my husband had shown me the how-tos of changing a tire
  • Thankful that I knew this time where to properly put the jack under the car....unlike years ago when I almost jacked a car up with the jack placed directly under the oil pan.  In my defense, it looked like a good big flat surface perfect for the car jack. 
  • Thankful that my husband takes care of the vehicles maintenance....I am no mechanic
  • Thankful that we have an air compressor and I know how to use it
  • Thankful that the spare tire worked 
  • Thankful that I had a back-up vehicle to use......even if it was good Ole Sammy!

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