Friday, April 12, 2013

Here Kitty Kitty

Our Fluffy is so funny sometimes. She knows just how close she can get to the LGDs without them being able to do anything to her. The other day she was chilling out,  right outside the pasture where Jael is residing. Jael is our Queen LGD and she doesn't particularly like Fluffy, or any cat for that matter. 

When I saw them, I could totally read their stares....Fluffy was saying, "Come and get me.....oh wait, you can't reach me!  Wahahahaha! And I think Jael was saying as sweetly as she could, "Here kitty, kitty"  They stayed that way for at least 2-3 minutes, not paying me any mind as I snapped their photos.  Finally I broke their stare down and Fluffy pounced behind me meowing like she always does for her Kit and Kaboodle!

( On another note, can you see the damage a lovely buck of ours did to the gate by bashing it with is head?  You can read about those sort of happenings at this link here.)

Happy Friday Ya'll

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  1. Ah the tenuous relationship between cat and dog! I love watching Sadie interact with our increasing number of cats. Some days they are the best of buds, other days at least a few of the cats are in the dog house. Right now Sadie is NOT in her dog house because our newest momma cat had her kittens in there. AND it has rained about 3 inches in the last three days. Poor wet dog! (she can go out to the tool shed and hang with Steve whenever she chooses to so dont' feel too sorry for her!)


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