Thursday, May 30, 2013


I was so fortunate a while back, to be able to witness two calves being born within a couple of minutes of each other. It just so happened that I went to check on the cows at just the right time. I knew a couple were getting close. Believe it or not, it's not very often that we actually get to see one born.....many times we come around seconds after it hits the ground, but hardly ever see the birth. If we know that a cow is close to calving, we keep an eye on her. Although, we do not bring her into a different area than the rest of the herd. So many trips are made to the pasture, but we have a philosophy not to intervene unless the animals lives are in danger.  Granted we have had to pull calves, but if we see one that is in active labor, we give them their space and leave them be and come back to check on them.  Most often they will have already delivered the calf somewhere in between visits.

I noticed that this particular heifer had the sac protruding with 2 hooves inside, so I decided to stick around for a bit.  I paid more attention to her than the other cow due to this particular one was a "first-timer". 

Hello world

There is nothing more amazing than seeing a new life enter the world and that mothering instinct kick in.  I tried to stay my distance and get some photos to share with my blog readers.  I was so glad that I remembered my camera on this day.  

attempting to try out her legs

I just love those first attempts to stand

Sweet moment between the two

This is the other that was born just a few minutes later.  It never gets old seeing a new baby.  We are so lucky to have the opportunity to live and work on the farm!

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