Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fixin' Fence

I've mentioned before that our pastures have fencing that is quite old.  It has many places that have been patched.  In December, Shane decided he wanted to include a 4-5 acre area that joins our back pasture with some fencing.  I wrote the post "Back Forty Renovation" back in January about that job.   He realized quickly why his grandpa didn't include it in fencing in the old pasture.  It's very wet and has a creek running through it.  It's been a challenge to get posts set, but Shane has been persistent in getting all of our land fenced in.  This past Saturday, it came time to work on the other corner of the 40.

This farm boy really got lesson on fence working 101.  I love to see the pride he has when he gets to help out Shane with the work.  Of course, there's always an occasional grumble and gripe, but generally he tends to want to help.......

even more so when his sister wants to help.  He sure doesn't want her to show him up.  She kept saying, "Daddy let me do something.  I want to help."  This only made the farm boy work harder so his little sister couldn't get a chance. 

We have two really great farm helpers I'm telling you!  We are blessed with 2 great kiddos!

He can really work that drill!

getting ready to pull the fence tight

The kids were discussing how something should be done.  I couldn't tell exactly what they were talking about, but they sure were serious in the discussion!

We've been fortunate enough to finally be able to purchase 21 acres that joins directly to our back 40 pasture.  As we speak, it is being worked and hopefully soon we will be fencing this in too. It is to the right of this dirt road in the picture below.  We sure do have a lot of work ahead of us, but I'm so thankful for the direction our farm is heading.  

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