Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Chip Off The Ol' Rock

Lil' Rock, our very first horse to be born on the farm, had his 2nd birthday several weeks ago. We've always called him Lil' Rock....because his daddy's name was Rocky.  However, he had to have a different registered name, so his registered name is A Chip Off The Ol Rock.  I just love horse's registered names.  Although I have no idea about any of the bloodlines.  Some people get real creative with them. 

I still remember the morning he was born.  I had been instructed by my dear husband to get my hands on him as soon as he was born.  We'd read of the theory of "imprinting" them.  His mother Dixie wasn't too sure about me messing with him, but I can remember petting all over him before he'd even had the chance to dry off.

newborn Lil' Rock

Since he's the first horse that was born here, I'm not absolutely certain that handling him affected his disposition.  I can tell you that he is very gentle and laid back.  He doesn't have any sort of attitude issue like some of the other horses that we have owned or currently own. He has had to learn to stay out of our "personal space".  He did have the tendency to want to be right next to you; touching you.  He was corrected a few times and quickly learned his place isn't right on top of you.  

We've enjoyed getting to watch him grow and give him plenty of love.  We had him leading on a rope within his first few months of his life.  He was always a quick learner, and still is to this day. 

About 1 year old

He's turned out to be a really nice looking horse too.  He's still intact; Shane wants to breed him to his half sister that we got last year.  I personally don't want him being the stud around here.  Horses are just so......well..... if you recall the last time we had a stud here on our farm it made me a little more than uncomfortable.  Anyhoo, Shane wants to really concentrate the genetics of their sire, so he's hoping for an even greater horse than Lil' Rock and his sister.  We shall see how that one goes :)

Shane is the only one that is riding him now, due to the fact that I am a big fraidy cat.  I've been riding his mother, Dixie.  She is really a great horse.  A little stubborn, as in wanting to go back to the pasture with the other horses rather than being ridden.  I'm not a dominating person, and I know that if I want it to work out with her, I have to make her do what I want.....not what she wants.....kinda hard for me, but I'm working on that.....a little.

Also speaking of celebrating birthdays, this girl right here celebrated another one already!  It is so hard to believe that another year has come and gone.  Where does the time go?

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