Saturday, January 11, 2014

His Very Own Goat

Enjoying a cup of coffee with mom (mostly milk)
Our boy is growing up so fast!  He had to have a cup of coffee one morning after coming along with me to move our electric fence.  I usually don't allow the kids to have coffee, but I decided it would be alright if he had a little coffee with his milk ;)  He had gotten up early with me on this particular day and wanted to help out with the chores before school.  He has just matured into such a responsible little man right before my eyes. 

This past summer he earned kids kikobuck$ at the AKGA convention by participating in youth activities.  That got him fired up at the thought of purchasing his very own goat.  He has asked Shane a million times if he could buy a particular goat from him, so Shane finally told him "sure".  They've agreed on a payment booklet where Dillon will make payments towards the amount he owes.  He earns money by mowing the lawn or helping out with farm chores.    He is thrilled that he is going to be raising his "very own" goats. 

His first goat- Milkshake

The kids have always helped out and are involved with the goats, but there's just something about this goat being his and his only.  He was able to make the decision  to  pair up Pistol Pete with this doe.  He is so excited about the kids being born and making those management decisions about his herd.  What a great learning experience this is going to be for him!  


  1. A great idea. Enjoy your children while you have them. You will just wake up one day and they will be grown and away from home. I am an old man now but I have such fine memories of my son when he was young. He always worked hard as a young man and is now a very successful 52 year old kid.

    1. Thank you! We most definitely have realized how quickly they grow up. It's hard to believe he's already 11. I'm sure it is such a joy to have those wonderful memories of your son. Hope you have a great week :)


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