Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jael's pup

Jael's pup will be a month old on the 19th of this month. She has started coming out of the box to be with Jael and the goats a little. One night I went to check on them, when the temps were in the teens, and she let out such a big bark for her age. We are looking for great things out of her. Both parents, Kimba and Jael, are our best LGD's. I think we are planning on keeping her here to add to our group. Now we'll have to come up with another name.


  1. I fully enjoyed reading your blog! I had not checked it out yet. Fun fun. We are still waiting for MORE kids...I know they are waiting for it to turn cold. Only two sets of twins. Grrr. Amy

  2. Thanks! We had 27 does kid with a total of 57 kids born in one week. It also happened to be some of the wettest and coldest weather for South Mississippi! Don't they just know how to wait for those "ideal" conditions to start kidding :)


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