Friday, March 5, 2010

Slim Pickins

Our goats don't have much choice of food around here, so some have resorted to climbing trees for a meal. This goat stays in this tree almost daily eating the limbs. Amazing to me how hard she works for her meals.

I just happened to have my camera when Kimba decided he couldn't wait for me to feed him his dog food. We keep it stored under an old hog barn in a garbage can as you can see, and he got the lid off to eat. That can became a real issue during the icy wet weather we had due to the goats being allowed under the old barn. We had a couple that figured out there was dog food under that lid and were able to get it off. Whoever said goats weren't smart, has no idea. They're quite intelligent, just very hard-headed and stubborn. It's not that they don't have sense somtimes, they are just like kids and want to do some things their way just to be defiant.

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