Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A yellow jacket "hurted" worse....

" A yellow jacket 'hurted' worse." Those are the exact words of our little girl Mallory when she got her hands on this weed. She said that those plants stung her hands, and she wasn't fibbing. I went out the other day to take some photos on a beautiful sunny day of the goats in the pasture. I decided to sit down on the ground to let them get used to me being out there. I looked to make sure there weren't any pellets where I was to sit. No sooner than I sit down, I jump up and I was on fire. I couldn't believe those darn fire ants had time to get under my clothes to bite; but there were no ants. I looked closer to find a weed that I all too well remember from last year. It brushed against my legs last year and it felt like acid had been in contact with my skin. (tip: don't wear shorts or flip flops in the pasture, there are all kinds of suprises waiting out there. It makes sense why cowboys/farmers wear boots, long sleeves, hats, pants, chaps, etc. I have learned my lessons the hard way!) OK...... so back to sitting on the weed; I had athletic pants on and somehow it penetrated and irritated my skin. The weed is a little prickly, but not sharp. Most everyone that has come in contact with it here, get whelps and turn red in the area with a lot of stinging too. If anyone knows what this weed is called, I would really like to know. I pulled it up with this clip that is holding it in the picture, while being careful not to let it touch my skin. Please let me know if you know what it's called. You can just leave a comment....

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  1. Hey, Ashley....Darryl and I think it's some kind of stinging nettle. There are many varieties of these little "boogers" as you'll see when googled. I know they do release some sort of chemical. Gail


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