Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mississippi Goats in a Catfish Pond....Can you believe it??

We have moved our goats to an area in another pasture to let them clean up around our pond. I told Shane at the rate they are going we will be able to fish from anywhere around this pond this summer! While we were out riding around checking on all of our animals this is what we found.........

Unbelievable!!!! I was always told that goats didn't like water...Not so true here in Deep South Mississippi! No, we aren't starving them causing them to go to great lengths to get something to eat. They have plenty of forage out there that isn't growing in the pond, but for some reason they really are eating up things they have to wade in the pond to get. There was a yearling doe that was up to her chest in the pond, but by the time I got back with my camera she had moved on. I told Shane no one would believe we had goats in the pond unless they could see the pictures. I know I wouldn't have! I have seen some of our goats get trapped on the other side of small stream after a rain. They wouldn't come across because of the water. I guess they have gotten over their fears of the water!

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