Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jael and her pups

We had been watching Jael a couple of weeks ago expecting her to have her pups at anytime, then she went missing on June 16. I drove our Kawasaki mule all over the place looking for her, calling for her and I couldn't find her. I even walked down the fire lane on the other side of our pasture that borders the National Forrest looking for her, with no luck. A few days before we left for the AKGA convention, Shane found her......with puppies. She had crossed the fire lane and went down into a "gulley" and dug a hole to have her pups. She had 6. Then the rain came, and of course her location was a terrible place due to water running down in there. Shane went out there and she had 5 of her pups carried to safety and 1 didn't make it. She was moved into the pasture under some shading before we left for the convention, but while we were gone, she decided she knew better and took them back to the woods again.

This is the first place Shane had found her with her 6 pups. I was standing on top of a hill looking down to take this picture. She picked SOME place to have those pups.


  1. Had fun reading your blog... I love your photos. I slacked off on mine but am back at it, for now. :) Good to see you again in MS even if it was fora second. Oh, you can tell Shane we have 39 spanish left.

  2. Thank you and it was good to see you too. I really enjoy reading your blog as well. We were looking at adding some Spanish to our herd, but it seems like we probably will not be doing that...


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