Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Good-bye donkeys

Shane has just decided to sell the donkeys. We first started out with donkeys to be guardians to our cattle before we goats. It was kind of a learning experience. Our first donkey came from the local sale barn for $20 ( you get what you pay for!) He seemed to be ok to begin with, but we had a cow that had a calf one day and he decided he was going to get his teeth on him and get rid of him. That was such a scary day for me, Shane wasn't home and all I could think was that this poor confused newborn calf is about to get killed because of that crazy donkey! We were told stories about them killing calves, so Shane had prepared me with instructions to shoot him with the 12 gauge if I caught him doing it. ( I really never thought I would have to ) So there I am, telling the kids to stay in our yard, grab the shot gun and run (yes I know, very dangerous; I didn't want the donkey to get the calf OK?) When I finally got a clear shot of him without hitting any other animal around, I pulled the trigger. Not really thinking about what distance I was from him. ( He made me run and get out of breath and I was MAD!! ) I ended up shooting him in the back end with bird shot about 6-8 feet away...Needless to say, he stopped and quit chasing that calf. I don't think he knew what hit him! We led him to the catch pen and shut him up for the night. The next day, he had to go....

We learned our lesson, just because donkeys are great guardians, doesn't mean that they all are. We ended up purchasing these 2 from a man in Ovett, MS. He had around 10 jacks and jennies with his herd of cows. Since we have owned them, we haven't had a loss to any predators. (before the donkeys came along, we lost 3 calves to coyotes the year before) It is getting difficult to keep them seperate from the cows when we want the cows to graze along with the goats at different times. It is deeply ingrained in donekys to hate dogs, so we can't have them out there with our LGD's. I wouldn't want them getting used to dogs anyway.... We just have no choice, but to let them go.

Jenny with her colt she had this year.

Jack, father of the colt above

I just love baby donkeys, they are so fluffy!

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  1. Hey, Shane, Ashley and family...I enjoy being a neighbor down the road in the yukee yellow trailor. I appreciate the friendship you bestowed upon my oldest son, Buddy. He loved working with you all and your animals. It was a whole different world to him...of course he loves trucking also, and his younger brother(Chris) is having a time of his life riding and guiding him over the road. Of course I hope you have figured out who this Anonymous person is: it is I, kittykat39425@yahoo.com. I miss your donkeys and their braying and heehawing. But you have your hands full,keeping up with what you have.I also realize Mr. Neumann has been alot of help to all of you as well as you to him. He seems to be a good person. I also appreciate his friendship with Buddy. Sure wish I could help
    Buddy and Chris find a place around here they could one day call home and have a place they could plant their feet when they are not on the road. Keep them both in your prayers, please as well as us, your neighbors, including
    Robin Wilson and Richard Peterson across the street, in the Whatley Old Homeplace. I appreciate their friendship, also.


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