Tuesday, August 3, 2010

what's happening

I've been waiting to get some time to make some posts on this blog and my family blog, but it seems as though that isn't going to happen. Soooo here it is, midnight and I am going to get this post finished and go. to. bed.

Jael and her pups trying to stay cool under the pecan tree out in the pasture.

Xena cooling off in what is left of our stream running through one of the pastures.

Now for the good stuff........We have ended up purchasing 18 %kiko does and doelings. Some are 1/2 and up to 3/4. Mr. Sonny told Shane he was getting out of the goat business, that he was just getting to old to keep up with cutting hay and having to come in every afternoon to check on the goats. Shane jumped at the opportunity to get some of his does. They are very nice goats, and it is good to know and trust the owner too.
Here they are meeting our does for the first time. Those poor girls don't stand a chance though without their horns. They have been disbubbed and will be on the lower end of the goat heirarchy around here because of that. Mr. Sonny said he despised getting a goats head out of a fence, so he fixes the problem before they begin.

The same day we purchased the does, we originally were making a trip to Petal to a commercial producers home to purchase his Purebred kiko herdsire. Mr. Shows called Shane about an ad in the market bulletin.....and here we are.....the VERY PROUD owners of this amazing buck. A friend of Shane's came over to see him and ended up helping him get this buck on our livestock scales. He weighed 220 lbs. I have been trying very hard to get a good photo of him, but he will not be still long enough for it to be halfway clear. All of the bucks and bucklings are in a field together, so the introduction of new testosterone has caused things to be very antsy in that field. No one is just standing around long enough for me to get a picture. So here is the best I can get for now. I can't wait any longer to share this with you guys.. I promise to get a better photo of him along with the other bucks hopefully very soon.

Here's the story on this buck. The guy who owned him had never trimmed his hooves since he owned him. He has had him for several years, and had some of his daughters out in the pasture with him. I can't even put into words how impressed I was with his daughters. Come to find out that he had started with some boers and this buck has been breeding everything out there for years. Basically his daughters out there with him have been linebred. And boy did they look AWESOME. The only way I could describe them is that I told Shane they looked like steers running around out there. They were so meaty. He also had told Shane that the herd he has now is what has survived. He gives no special treatment, shelter, or grain. Survival of the fittest seemed to be his motto. On the way up his drive to his house, there his goats were in a torrential rainstorm like nothing was going on. Now that was the first sign to myself that these were some kind of goats. We will be putting him in with all of our purebred does as well as the % does coming up the first of Sept. I am very excited to see what he will produce.
OK....Gone to bed now....Good night......


  1. it sounds like life is going well for you! hope you're able to get some rest.

  2. That's some buck! I'm thinking we'll be looking at some of his daughters next year, if any are for sale.

  3. I sure do hope he produces many daughters!! I can't wait!


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