Friday, September 24, 2010

Update on pups

I have finally been able to get a few more photos of the pups to share.  It has been a job to try to get a halfway decent shot of them.  They move around a lot!  I've got random shots below of them in the pasture.  We wanted to let everyone know, these pups have been around cows, horses, and of course, goats.  They are trained to a self feeder.  We put a 50 lb bag of food in it, and with the two adult dogs and 5 pups, it only lasted 5 days.  They are eating real well.

Hanging out with dad

Checking out the cows
At first we intended to have no contact with the pups, but when it came time to give them their shots, I couldn't catch them.  They wanted nothing to do with me, because we had had no interaction with them.  We now try to go out a couple of times a week and at least try to put our hands on them.  The kids really are loving that!

Shane bought a LGD locally a couple of years ago.  He ended up being a fantastic guardian for the goats, but not one of us could get our hands on him.  He would run way off from us and bark.  We had the hardest time catching him to take his collar off that he was outgrowing.  It was digging into his neck.  Our vet had given us "ace" to give him in his food, and that didn't even work!  Him not wanting us to touch him ended up being the death of him.....we couldn't catch him after he had been bitten by a rattlesnake numerous times; until it was too late.  I feel like the LGDs need to have some human interaction so they will not be like he was. 

Cooling off


Learning from mom
We had a man come by yesterday to look at one of our adult LGD's that is for sale.  He really wasn't ready for a dog yet, but he went ahead and paid a deposit on one of the males to give him time to get his animals set up.  So as of now, we only have 2 females and 1 male out of this litter of pups left for sale.  If you are interested just give us a call or email.  We also may be able to deliver.

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