Sunday, September 5, 2010

Oklahoma Buck Test

We have 4 of our bucks consigned to the OK buck test at the Kerr Center. I wanted to mention that we had to have one of ours pulled from the test due to tapeworms. That kind of puzzled me why they would remove our goat because of tapeworms, but they use Valbazen as a dewormer for tapworms, so technically he can't qualify because of it. Mary Penick from the buck test called Shane and told them that they had a buck die at the test. When they did the necropsy, it show he was loaded down with tapeworms. That was what they considered his cause of death. I've always been told that tapeworms were not really anything major to worry about, but I find it kind of interesting that it was the cause of death for one of the bucks. It just may be something to worry about. If you are interested in following along with the OK buck test and their results, they have a blog here:

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