Monday, February 21, 2011


I had a wonderful weekend, and took time away from the computer and being inside.  The weather here has been sunny and in the upper 70's.  Perfect!
Jael had pups Saturday, but none of us have went in her "den" to count them yet.  I know I saw three.  Problem is, I had to lay on my stomach and twist my head just so  to be able to look in.  I really didn't want to spend too much time down there without someone watching my back.  Our male anatolian, Kimba, thinks he must "mark" me.  I am constantly having to watch him.  He did manage to get the top of my boot Saturday before I could get away.  I'll post some pictures later today, if I get any of the puppies.  I'm also waiting very impatiently to see some kids hitting the ground!  There are udders filling up everywhere!  Even on a young doeling that shouldn't have a full udder yet.  Yep, she found her a fella somehow.  There's always one of those in the crowd.  Hopefully I'll have something to share with you later today.

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  1. Good Morning Ashley!!!

    I can only imagine all those udders filling up down your way!!! Annie and Myrtle's are too!!! It is so hard to have to wait!

    Congrats on the new puppies!!! Hope you'll get to see them soon!

    As soon as the kids come....we are going to head down your way to see it all!! Can't wait and I'm bringing my camera and binoculars!

    Did you get to work in your garden over the weeked any? Greg and I did....we're trying a new way to grow....and is has taken a little bit more prep work than the usual garden. But we think we're going to really like it. Now I need to find some tomatoe transplants!!!!

    I finally found a Peacock to go with my Peahens.....and today, we're going to drive up to Crystal Springs to get him. He is just beautiful. This guy will have to stay locked up for a year before I let him out.....not going to have any more birds flying the coop!!!

    Have a great day!!! Give those little cutiepies of yours a hug for're so lucky! Tell Shane Hi from us!!!

    talk to you later!


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