Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Update from the field #3

To date, we have had 66 kids within 10 days.  There are a few does left to kid, but some of them were bred for a later kidding date, and a couple are "stragglers" as Shane called it.  So he sort of got what he wanted, most of the kids born in such a short time.   Also a short note:  if you ever wonder if a kid in our pictures is a male or female look at their ear tag.  We tag females in the right ear, and males in the left ear to help us keep them apart when we're out there checking them out in the field.  Although, I did mess up one of them....Ooops.  The poor fella is labeled as a girl.  Hopefully it won't affect him too much ;)  This little doeling below has won our daughter's heart.  She has already told me that we can't ever sell her because that it HER goat.  She likes this kids looks. 

Yesterday afternoon, all through the night, and in the early morning hours we had some of the worst weather.  It rained and poured buckets of water.  I have to say at least it wasn't freezing weather.  I was so worried as to what I would find this morning when I went out to make rounds.  I just knew we had some kids get washed away in that downpour.  Let me tell you, those are some tough little goats.  They were stashed all over the place.  They were soaking wet, but were just as lively as they could be.  I was so thankful!  The goats are able to stand beside our barn to get under the eave to keep the rain from falling straight down on them, but this storm had rain blowing sideways.  I also noticed some of the does stayed right out in the rain with their kids.  Absolutely amazing!   

I feel like all I've been talking about lately are the goats, but we do have other animals.  Take a look at 2 of our horses checking out a kid goat.  They were so cautious when they walked up to look at it.  When I snapped the picture, the camera flashed and they tore out of there like crazy mad horses.  It was so funny.

Sonny and Sally looking at kid goat

This picture was taken right outside my back door.  These ladies were soaking up some sunshine.  We are still watching these girls to find out which ones will be keepers. 


  1. You have an amazing farm. Glad to gear no little ones washed away.

  2. I am a bit jealous of everyone who kidding earlier - we are getting ready to start the fun. The kids look great.


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