Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We need rain

We are in desperate need of a good rain.  Forecasts are calling for a small chance tomorrow.   In the past couple of months we may have received rain on 2 occasions; of course others around the country are wanting the rain to stop.  I wish there was a way to shift all of that water around to areas that need it so those that are getting too much wouldn't be dealing with the flooding conditions. 

The forage in our pastures are just shriveling up.  It's also very dusty here.  At least we still have water in the pond.   Below I have included some photos from around the place. 

This picture below is where a stream usually runs through our back forty.  This is one of the places that the livestock would go to get a drink of water.  As you can see, it is mostly mud....not really any running water.  We have had to put the goats in the front pasture because we have a watering trough as well as a pond in it.  They have been unable to find the water in the back forty.  There is one stream left, and no matter how many times we have "driven them" (with border collies) to it,  they have yet to get any water from it.  There is some brush surrounding it and the goats seem to think there is a monster hiding behind that brush.  If they only knew there was good cold water!  We really need them to stay in the back forty because of what brush is back there.  The pastures hardly have any grasses left in them.

And finally, when I can bear to write about our experience with the commercial does we bought last spring......I will share it with you.  We were planning on providing  percentage kikos for those who may want to breed up.   Right now I can say that we've had a change of plans,  thanks to does like this one below.......those darned ole red-heads.

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  1. How I wish I could SEND you some of our never ending rain! Here in Oregon, we're at (hopefully) the end of the rainy season and what will become our dry season. We've planted the garden and can't wait for some sunshine to help it grow!



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