Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Anatolian Shepherd Pups.....and A Colt Too!

I finally made it out to the pasture to get a few photos of Jael's new pups. She had made a den under an dead tree that had fallen over this past summer. They were so funny. When I walked up to  take the photos, those little pups barked and growled at me like they were big massive dogs. I couldn't help but chuckle because they are just big ole balls of fur right now.

They have started coming out from under that tree with Jael in the pasture a few feet away. The pasture they are in has some of our newly weaned heifers and our bucks. Jael is an extraordinary LGD. I'm glad that we are able to raise our pups out in the pasture with all of the livestock so they are able to "learn the ropes" from Jael. We are also expecting pups from one of Jael's daughters, Cheyenne, any day. Cheyenne has super LGD instincts like her mom. We expect great pups from her as well.

On guard

We have a neighbor right down the road from us that also has goats, but no LGD.  He said that he believes coyotes a getting some of his goats.  We do have quite a bit of coyotes in our area, but since we've introduced guardians to our farm, we haven't had an issue.  Check out this post here to see what  LGDs can do to unwanted predators in the pasture with their goats.

Below is an updated photo of Dixie's colt.  He is almost 2 months old.  There is a lot more of  the black showing through his coat than when he was first born.  I'm not sure how long it takes to find out their true color, but he is a mixture of colors right now.  He is also very dusty in this picture.  It's dry as a bone around here, and those horses love to plop down and roll in dirt.  It's so funny to see such a big creature wallowing on the ground.  My mother in law said that for each roll they do on the ground, add $100.  She said growing up, they would say that however many times the horses rolled from one side to the other; that would equal how much they were worth. 

2 months

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