Wednesday, November 23, 2011


We have 2 commercial does that we are having to treat right now for pinkeye. I thought it would be a good idea to put a picture up for those who may have never had to deal with it. When we first had goats, many of them were purchased from the stockyard. Several of them would have pinkeye and end up needing treatment. Long ago, we quit the "stockyard" goat buying and haven't had one case of pinkeye until now. There's a saying we have here at our farm. " Well, now we know.  Live and learn. "

If caught early, sometimes pinkeye will be present itself with a reddened eye and drainage. It may have a few patches of the white cloudiness on the cornea.  Below is a photo of the doe with the worst case. Her cornea has actually turned opaque white. You can also see that there is drainage around the eye.
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We have isolated the does in a cattle trailer from the rest of the herd. We have sprayed their eyes with a warm saline solution to remove the drainage. We are treating them with LA-200 5cc/100lbs SQ (subcutaneous-which means under the skin, not in the muscle) injections. Previously we have used a Gentamycin ophthalmic spray without giving any injections. The LA-200 has been recommended to us by the vet. You will have to check with your vet to see what is recommended for you to use as treatment, if you should ever have to deal with this. 

I wonder if any of this stuff will count towards keeping my nursing license current??  I could just see myself saying, " Sure, I've continued to practice nursing, I am a mom and live on a farm."  What more can I say, it has come in real handy!

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