Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Parade 2011

This past Saturday, my family (excluding me), decided to make a ride into a little town nearby for their Christmas parade. They hauled the horses about 4 miles outside of that town and met up with some others that were going to ride with them.  This was the first long solo ride for Dillon. His horse did super, considering he had never been in a parade with all of the sirens and noises. Mallory rode behind Shane in the buddy saddle.   She says it got boring....she's ready to ride on her own..... Mom's definitely not ready.

Here's a little clip from the end of the parade.  Shane and Mallory are on the red/white paint (Sonny) and that little guy is Dillon on his horse (Shaggy).  

Shane said that Sonny did give him a little trouble.  Sonny was not happy to be there.  He finally got to see how he behaves with me; which is totally stubborn.  Shane is able to keep him in line......I'm a total pushover which isn't the best quality to have when trying to ride a horse that wants to go his own way.   

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