Tuesday, March 6, 2012


So far 15 kids have arrived. It is my favorite time of the year when all of the little ones start arriving. We've had some really nice weather for them to be born in too.  I went out today and snapped a few pictures while I was tagging the newest ones. 

twin bucklings
We have had one set of triplets.  Not my most favorite to see, but the doe is doing an awesome job of taking care of all three of them.  Generally it seems that there is always a weaker one of the three because it isn't getting enough nutrition, but so far all three are bouncing around like little balls of energy!

This morning had the most perfect weather for all of the little kids to check everything out. 


checking out the surroundings

nibbling leaves

Napping in the sunshine
You can check out our Deep South Kikos facebook page for more pictures of our 2012 kiko kids. While you're there, go ahead and click the "like" button to keep up with all of our updates on blog posts, and photos.  Have a great day everybody!


  1. OMG These are adorable!!!! I almost want one! ;-)

  2. I bet your girls would love to have a few goats :)


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