Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Remodeling Progress

We've gotten a little more accomplished on the remodeling job. Shane "created" a beam to put over the spot in the ceiling from where we knocked the wall out. This is the beginning of putting it up....

Shane put another board on the other side.....

And then he put the last board in.  It is recessed a little in the middle on purpose, so now I have to go back with the stain and get it all touched up.

The floor is also going down in what will be our bedroom.  I'm really excited to get away from all of the carpeting.  We are doing the bedrooms with this laminate wood flooring (shown below) and the living room, dining room, kitchen, and laundry room will have the vinyl plank flooring.  No carpet for that house!  Our current house has carpeting and I can't help to wonder what all gets tracked in from the "farm" that I'm not able to just clean by vacuuming. 

I'm starting to see light at the end of the tunnel......I'm getting excited.....we may be able to move in soon.


  1. Have fun with that staining. My neck is already hurting for you! Looking great, though, and it's really coming along! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. Ash its looking great. Very proud of you and your progress. It has really came along since I was there last. Love the flooring! Hopefully we'll be building in Saucier next year on Adams property. I keep moving a little closer and closer each time.


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