Monday, July 9, 2012

Remodeling Is Finally Winding Down

I've mentioned that I would share some photos of progress that has been made on our remodeling. Well, here goes........... 

Shane went to Home Depot and got the insulation that we needed, along with renting the machine to blow it in.  We intended to go in through the window with the hose so the machine could stay outside, but the hose wouldn't reach all the way through the attic to the other end of the house, so we had to move it.  All the while, the attic was steadily heating up because the sun had started beating down on the rooftop. 

The machine was put in the house and my responsibility was to "feed" the insulation into the machine keeping it full. 

All I had to do was cut the wrapper on the block of insulation down the middle and break it in half, (by whatever means I could) then push it through the opening.  There was a razor on the left side that would cut through the plastic wrap so you could remove it as it went into the machine.  Once the plastic was removed, the insulation would expand in the machine and then it would get broken down and blown through the hose.  Poor Shane.....he was on the other end of the machine.....the hose.  He had to crawl around in that hot attic wearing a breathing mask blowing out that insulation.  That was a hot job!  Thank goodness for Powerade that week!!

We also had to get a drain line from the new addition connected the the existing septic tank.  What a job that was for Shane.  He dug the 30 + feet trench by hand.  Of course he had little hands to "help" him do the jobs.


Dillon really stepped up and helped out.  They made many trips like this back and forth.  Each time having to get the slope of the ditch just right.   Remember this whole remodeling business is all new to us.  We're not in the home building business in any way.  This whole project has been filled with many, many, MANY lessons.  

The stove arrived and was  put into place!  I am ready to try this thing out!

The kids bathroom is complete, except the hanging of the towel bars!  Woo Hoo!

kids bathroom

This is our bathroom.  It is part of the new addition.  To the right of the bathtub, we have a "toilet room" as the kids call it.  It is a separate little room from the rest of the bathroom   Also behind the door when you first walk in to the right is "Shane's" shower.  Putting together and installing the shower door was a doozy!

master bath

So there you have it....A little snippet of our what we've been up too.  Hope you all have a great week!  God Bless!

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  1. Great job! You are SO going to love these new additions! I think we had a bit of your heat up here this past week, so I cannot imagine having to be up in the attic like Shane was spreading insulation. I'm sure he was covered in it too! Icky! NO rain up here, but we have cooled off this week. The crops are going to take a huge hit if we don't have rain soon, especially the corn. Some farmers are already claiming a total loss of crop. We will know more about soybeans in August. Keep cool down there!


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