Monday, July 2, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Visit

This past Sunday after church, Mr. Nic Girgenti and Mr. Mike Kimball drove over from Louisiana for a little visit.   The men enjoyed some good goat chat over some sweet iced tea and/or coffee when they first arrived.  Then it was off to the pastures to do a little looking around. 

Observing the bucks in their pasture

Shane got the border collies out and rounded the bucks up and put them in the catch pen so they could get a more up close and personal look. 

They not only came for a visit, but came to pick up Gold Digger to take back to become an member of Lagniappe Kikos.   Luckily the slab under the old hog barn was high enough that they were able to use it to load this fella up.  They just backed their truck up to the edge and it was the perfect height to get him loaded without having to actually pick him up.  Those bucks have a way of leaving a smell on you that Ajax can't take off, not to mention they aren't lightweights!

While we were under the hog barn, I happened to look up and see this whopper of a nest loaded down with wasps ready to attack!  Nic did inform me that since it was July, they won't sting you......Too bad that wasn't the truth.  We have unfortunately found many nests lately, that I'm constantly paranoid of them.  It would be nice to at least take the month of July off from worrying about them.

We expect that  Gold Digger will do great things for Mr. Nic and Mr. Mike's program with their goats. 

Nic Girgenti and Mike Kimball with ECR Gold Digger

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