Tuesday, October 30, 2012

An Easy Breezy Day

I got out today with my camera in hand and took some pictures for my dear husband of the 6 month old steers that we have for sale.  I must say it was quite breezy and chilly.  Although the sun was shining, that wind was blowing straight through my clothes.  Of course I wasn't appropriately dressed. The sun tricked my mind into believing it was warmer outside that it was.  I guess fall is officially here in the deep south!  

Shane is going to try to sell the steer straight off of the farm this year.   Most of the time, he just makes one big load to the stockyard.   He always likes to try new ways of doing things.  His motto is you won't know until you try it. 


  1. Good luck! I have a lot of luck selling freezer beef on Facebook. You might be able to put some feelers out to see if there are any feeder operations like ours in your area. Wish we were closer! It's about time for us to "re-stock" the shelves with guys about this size!

    1. Thanks Lana! I wish you guys were closer too! We shall see how it works selling them this way. To my knowledge there aren't any operations like yours in our area, I wish there was.



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