Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Best of Friends

Last night, someone called asking me about Anatolian shepherds. She said that she had never heard of them, but wanted to know more about them. While talking with her, I told her of the bond that the dogs form with the livestock they are with. It's absolutely amazing if you've never seen it. I told her of Sinbad. We purchased him when he was around 4-5 months old. We had the bucks separated from the doe herd, so he was put into the buck pen with them. Right away, he took to Rooster and Pistol Pete. On cold mornings, it was no surprise to see him sleeping cuddled up right beside Rooster. 

He just loves this goat!

Til this day, when Rooster is put in the same pasture with Sinbad they still have that bond. Sinbad will get right next to Rooster and stand there leaned against him.  Of course, Rooster doesn't have the same feelings toward Sinbad. He doesn't seem to like a lot of anyone in his personal space for too long, unless it is a doe.  He will take all of that friendliness towards him to a point and he will finally just get up and walk off.  Then Sinbad will go on about his business, patrolling the pastures.  These dogs are amazing!

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