Tuesday, December 18, 2012

He Got An Eye Full

A cattle buyer found out that Shane had a load of cull cows and steers getting ready to take to the stock yard. He offered to come out and take a look at what we had and would buy them straight from the farm if it was what he was looking for. 

They worked out all of the details, and he loaded his trailer full!  I ran inside to grab my camera so I could share with all of you dear readers.  As he came out of the gate he pulled right up in front of our house and stopped.  Since the trailer came to a stop, I decided I would try to get  a photo of the load.  No sooner than I started taking photos I heard "Awe MAN!!!"

Shane and Mr. Cochran had been standing near the back of the trailer talking.  A cow slipped in poo and managed to sling some of it at them.  I really think she did it on purpose for making her have to leave the pasture.  She was probably claustrophobic or something like that and decided to show her discontent with her situation.....Not really.  I thought it was pretty funny myself to see these fellas covered.  Shane actually got a huge splat in his right eye.  At least his mouth had been closed ;)  That woulda been awful!  The funniest thing is that Shane and I both had worked all of the cattle that morning in the catch pen and managed to stay clean.  I mean neither of us had one drop of manure on us.  That very rare around here, but she more than made up for it!

You see, after the incident she turned to look at me and seemed to say, "Lady, payback is pretty messy!"  What do you think?  Does she look guilty to you?

I'm sure glad I was standing way back shooting the photos.  I really am not a fan of getting an eye full!


  1. So what kind of view of life did Shane have after that? hope it didn't effect his "out look" on things. Ha. the story is always funny when it is on the other guy. Sorry Shane. Uncle Mike

  2. Karma is a "witch." Hee hee! "$**t" does happen on the farm; you just try to make sure it doesn't happen on you! LOVE that you caught it on film or digital pixie dust!


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