Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pup update

Shane and I went down into the heart of the woods where Jael had her pups hid away today. We decided to bring them all out and put them in the pasture with the goats. I was thinking it was going to come a flood today and I didn't think they would've made it.

As we go down there to gather them into a clothes basket, mind you we have never touched them. (they are 5 weeks old) They went to barking, yelping, and scattering out to get away from Shane. When he would get one in his hands, some of them bit him. Of course, it wasn't like they ripped his hand off, but for a small pup, Shane said they sure had a bite. They are truly survivors. I am amazed that they have made it where they have been this whole time. It was a total washed out area. Each time it rains, water floods through the area they were in. One day I went to do a head count from afar, and couldn't find them. I figured they all must have died. Later that evening, I walked deeper in the wooded area and found all 5 of them in a very COOL spot. Our heat index has been up to 110 with 90-100% humidity! Jael took them to a low lying area, that was damp and cool. So here are some photos after we put them in the field... Enjoy!

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