Sunday, September 5, 2010

DSK News Page

As of now, I am not planning to do anymore "news pages" on our website I am able to keep things updated here on the blog more often than once a month. It seems to be easier to put it out there as things happen. We will see how this goes...If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know, I'm open for any suggestions.

Since Shane has started his day job, he has time in the afternoon just to enjoy the farm. Everyday we let our our bucklings around the barn and sit and watch them do some "weed eating." Now isn't this the life or what!?

It's getting time to round up all of the cows that we purchased earlier in the year to sell at the yard. The "crazy cow" is still just as crazy. This is as close as I was going to get for her picture. Mr. Shows asked Shane how she was doing....she's had a calf and has filled out a good bit. Just wish us luck when it comes time to load her up. I am not looking forward to what tricks she will pull.

We have decided to sell 2 of our LGD's. We have 6 as of right now, 2 in each pasture with their own herd. We will be combining 2 herds later on and figured it was time to let two of them go.

This is Xena. She is a daughter out of Kimba and Jael that is 8 months old. We are asking $400 for her and she will be sold registered through the AKC.

This is AZ. He is 13 months old and we are asking $250 and he will be unregistered.

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  1. Hey, ya'll. Darryl and I really enjoy reading your news, and I'm glad to know you are going to continue it. Congrats Shane on your new schedule. I know you all love that. I've missed reading, as I have spent most of the last month up in Hintonville with my Mama. She's having a lot of foot problems(neuropathy) and is needing me or my sister with her. Anyway, tell the sweet younguns hello for me, Gail


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