Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday's work

So this is what we've been up to today. We had some land cleared in our back 40 last year. It was around 12 acres in the bottom of our pasture. Well it has grown up this summer and Shane has wanted to see some goats out in the back 40 for a while. This week he has worked on getting the perimeter trimmed back to run hotwire around it. This is a panoramic shot of what it looks like from on top of the hill.

You can see how thick the weeds and brush are behind Shane. He took his machete after we ran the wire and knocked down the weeds that were in the way. We are using a portable solar fence charger, and weeds will pull down the charge pretty quick.

We loaded our bucklings and some of our yearling bucks into our cattle trailer after we checked FAMACHA scores on them. Shane hooked the trailer to the tractor and off we went. We had to drive through our 15 acre pasture that our main doe herd is in. I wanted to get some pictures of them when the fellas passed by....I wondered what they would do when they smelled the older guys cologne. (We have had some come in heat and they have had many attempts made at getting in with our bucks. We are trying to wait a couple more weeks so we will have a later kidding.)

Here they are before they realize what is in the trailer coming through.

And this is after they realized what was in that trailer. I drove ahead of Shane to open the gate and I looked back to see the girls making a mad dash to get to that trailer. I just did get the gate shut. Those are some persistent ladies!

They stood at the gate and waited for us to come back through, I guess to see if we might throw a fella out for them!

This is the bucklings getting unloaded in their new home. We have 2 guardians with them. We are going to let them stay here and see how they do with all of this brush. This field is surrounded by the National Forrest and we have seen fox, coyotes, turkey, deer, and even some wild hogs out there. The LGD's will have to really sleep with one eye open back there.

Heading out to enjoy some good eatin'. There's plenty of it, that's for sure!

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  1. LOVE the "after" picture of the does. So funny! Hope that means you'll have great conception rates!


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