Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Update from the field

So far, we've had 25 kids. All of the does have had twins, except one of our first-timers. She had this little 4.10lb kid. One thing I have noticed different this year is that these kids have a serious "fight or flight" response. As soon as I get near, their ears raise straight up and when I take a step closer they run. I'm talking about only a couple of hours old kids running. Not a short distance either. I am amazed how quickly they get away from me! Most of the kids born are out of Gold Digger, so I'm wondering if it comes from him.

These two kids are famous for getting in this old dead tree and hiding from their mom. She walks all around it hollering for them, and they don't make a peep to let her know their in there. If you will notice the little white doeling in the back, she stayed in this position the whole time I was taking their pictures. I guess she thought if she didn't move a muscle I wouldn't see her. Her brother, on the other hand, came out and started posing. Too funny!

Milk does a body good

Warming in the sun
Shane and I were talking last night about culling a doe that leaves her kids while she goes out to graze. We culled really hard and heavy the past couple of years. Now we have great does that raise twins, good FAMACHA scores, hooves, etc. We have to always work to improve our herd each year, so just trying to figure out where to draw the line for this year. We have several does out there, that do not let their kids get out of their sight. They graze right there with their kids beside them. If the kids won't follow them through the pasture, they turn right around and go back to them. Then there are other does that will start grazing in the morning without their kids. They will make rounds all out in the pasture with their kids left behind in a hidden area. I will be taking notes on the differences, and we'll have to see how to go about making that decision. If she raises good kids, it will be hard to cull for that reason; BUT we really like those excellent mothers that are 100% attentive to their kids.

Commercial buckling and doeling


  1. Hey Ashley...

    Congrats on all the little ones!!! We are getting closer every day too!!! Annie is letting me know she is ready, and poor ole Myrtle is about to pop!

    What do you mean when you say "comercial" buckling and doeling? How are they different from your regular herd?

    I love that when my goats do the 'ears-straight-up' thing..... really lets you know what they're thinking right then doesn't it??!? Our Annie, who thinks she is boss lady, does it all the time to the others, and by golly....they take notice and listen. Sometimes, they wait for her to turn her head and look away, and then they rear up on their hind feet and challenge her, but if she turns back quickly and catches it....she lets them know she is boss. It reminds me of human kids....

    Maybe some more will come many does are still left to kid? We can't wait to drive on down there!!! How are your puppies doing too?

    talk to you later!

  2. I am so happy for you kidding success!!

  3. Thank you Debbie and Pam! It is such an exciting time here!

    Debbie, the term "commercial" for us is any of our unregistered goats. If they grow well and fit our criteria, they could be registered as 50% kikos.

  4. You guys have a great thing going. I'm like you - I like a doe to keep her kids with her. I am still learning how much of that can change from first year to the next, or is it once a "stasher" always a "stasher"?


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