Saturday, April 2, 2011

The pictures speak for themselves...

Where do I even begin with this post?  It all started when Shane came home with a load of clover mowers (cows) just purchased from a fellow in Greene County.  He unloaded them in a small area to be introduced to the clover.   Well these gals had another thing in mind.  They were very skittish.  Our horses happened to be in the area that they would be grazing, and they weren't very sure about the horses.  They wouldn't funnel through that area as Shane had hoped.
Nothing fancy, just mowers

A couple decided that they would take this route.

Yep, they jumped the fence and broke the barbed wire strand that was on top of the net fence.  Little did I know that me having my camera would lead us to capture an event like we did.   While I'm photographing the evidence, Shane takes off on the Kawasaki mule to get our border collies to round up those two crazy cows.  ( By the way, I called them crazy.......Shane said "Oh they're just a little skittish of the new surroundings.....) 

So there Shane went, down the road with border collie Davie in tow.  He was going to try to push them back towards me to get them back with the rest of the "new" cows.  I was to stand where I was at to keep them from getting past me.  I took this opportunity to snap shots of all of the calamity going on down the road. 
Things were finally looking up.  Those two girls spotted our cattle herd on the other side of the fence, so they decided to get out of the road and walk the fence line while Shane and Davie pushed them.

Then they appeared to be heading in the right direction.....back where they came from.  It was going so well........

Then in an instant, Crazy Cow #1 decided she wanted back across the road with our cows, so she jumped the fence.

So there they  go again back down the road with Crazy Cow #2.  Davie looks like she's not sure about the whole situation in this picture.  I think she's trying to tell Shane that he can have this job. 
Things were going better.  She was as cool as a cucumber, or so I thought.  Before she had gotten too close to me, I opened the gate that lead to the pasture with our cows in it.  Shane decided he would just put her in there instead of stressing her out any more.  He would just push her down to where the opening was, and she would hopefully just walk right on in.  Well guess what?

Yep, she jumped too!  Can I get a yee haw? 

If you look closely to the bottom left corner of the picture, you'll see the red gate that I had opened toward me.  If she had only went a little farther.  Oh well, we had some excitement for the day. 

By the way.......I still think we've acquired some crazy cows; and Shane still believes that they're a little skittish.  I guess the verdict is still out on this one. 

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